Why You Should Give Away Your Best Content For FREE

Your business is going to completely tank if you give away your best knowledge for free!

The reason people think this way makes sense.

Why would you want to give away all of your trade secrets for free???

The answer is simple:

> Because it helps your audience to help themselves.
> And that builds INCREDIBLE amounts of trust for your brand.
> Because believe it or not, even if you give every single thing you know away…
> People are STILL going to hire YOU.
> Because they still don’t want to spend their time solving the problem that you help them solve
> Because they know they can’t get the kind of results that you would
> Because they’d rather hire an expert like you than cobble it together on their own
> By giving away what you know for free, you are actually establishing that you know your stuff.


You’re helping the people who aren’t quite ready to work with you, get to the point where they are able to hire you to take that work off their plate.

It’s a win-win!

How do you feel about giving away your knowledge for free?
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