Focus Your Energy On The Opportunities And Not The Obstacles

Have you ever had a bad day…

And you just turn a sad song on,

And it would be even more perfect if it was raining so you could go sit in it?

I have had those days.

Where I just focus on all the bad things that are happening.

And you know what that just rubs the salt in it?

When I see someone else walking in the sunlight.

Head boppin’ to a jazzy song.

Believe me, it’s easy to fall into this trap.

But, the one thing I’ve implemented into my life that has changed my outlook…

I’ve started asking myself, “what would a successful person do?”

How do you get through your obstacles and look for the opportunities for growth?

P.S. As my friend Craig Ballantyne says “Action always beats anxiety” so get out there and take action today and choose to focus on the opportunities and not the obstacles.

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